Hello! I wanted to give you a bit of background about myself. I am a
married mother with three children. We have a son Jalen, who is 1
our daughter Dominique is
12, and our youngest daughter Déja is 5
years old.

I grew up in the small town of Danville PA, about an hour north of
Harrisburg. After graduating high school, I went to the University of
Pittsburgh and majored in chemistry. I went there for 2 years and did
one year at Bloomsburg University. It was then that I realized I needed
a new experience in my life and decided to join the army. I spent a total
of 4 years in the army as a military police officer.

A year after graduating from basic training, I missed out going to Iraq
with our unit because I was then married and pregnant with Jalen.
Shortly after his birth, I was pregnant with Dominique. Six months into
my pregnancy with her, their father was deployed to Cuba for a year!
Talk about a stressful situation.

That entire time he was gone, my strength was tested as a mother and
I believe I handled it with great success. Within that year I had given
birth, took care of two infants, bought our home, worked full time, and
completed my study-at-home course I was taking for childcare

I decided to quit my job after five years to stay at home and pursue my
real dream of having my own daycare. I believe it was the best
decision career wise that I have ever made thus far. We put many man
hours into preparing our home for the daycare and I thank everyone
who has helped me along the way.

Since then I've put everything into my daycare. After getting licensed
by the state, I got started on advertising and the rest is history. I work
constantly to put new lesson plans together for the kids and I am
continually planning new activities to keep them all learning and having
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